The texture of the camel coat is very important for dress

Striped T-shirts and striped sweaters, like black coats, are wild items for autumn and winter. Many people are worried that the pucci sale stripes will look fat, but in fact, as long as you choose the fine stripes will not be. However, when used with stripes, the color of the lower body is preferably full color. Black + stripe + red is also a very classic combination. Such a classic match does not need to elaborate. If you think that the plaid skirt is too young, then match it with a plaid scarf, and the color is preferably red plaid.
The combination of black + white + yellow is a recent favorite of Rebecca. I didn't find a map with a black coat. Let's get a look at the other pictures. There is a very high sense of fashion.
Make full use of accessories to create personal style
Accessories are tools to create personal style - especially when you wear a black coat, quickly find out in your closet that usually exaggerated bags, hats, necklaces, scarves, shoes are found out. When I was looking for pictures, I felt emilio pucci long dress more and more that the black coat was a wonderful single product. It was like a blank piece of paper. It can not only let you add other items to create various styles, but also make those people look good. The single product is more beautiful. Even if you wear them all in a very boring way, just a nice looking bag or a nice looking hat will instantly change your overall image, and these accessories will be even more radiant with the black coat. Again, the bright spot should be less or less, and one or two should be sufficient. It is tantamount to having no focus on the whole body.
The texture of the camel coat is very important. I saw many people wearing camel-colored coats with poor texture. Not to mention temperament, the whole person looks old, old and sturdy. The texture of the camel coat is much higher than that of other colors (this dark coat is much closer to the people) and good texture can be seen at a glance. This is a positive teaching material
Speaking of the same color system, there is an equally emilio pucci top unpopular single product, but it is wild, it is leopard. Leopards are used in other places. They always emphasize themselves too much. However, they are put together with camel. Because of the same color, they are very harmonious. Shoes, belts and other small leopard prints will not affect the texture of the camel. Can increase the degree of fashion. With suit suit to wear the highest style. Style on: Camel coat to wear a feeling of high cold and elegant, of course, the best long-term look, but petite best buy the style above the knee, if you want to buy a knee Below, we must pay attention to reflect the waistline.
If you only buy one thing: with green: black with green is a bright color. And unlike red, black with any green color, large area does not feel abrupt. Yellow is the color of autumn and it is also the color that can light winter. If you think that black and red are too bland, black and green with too much jump, then you may wish to consider using a black coat with a yellow line of clothing. It is still a test of skill.