know what to wear emilio pucci dress when you go out

Every time I change seasons, I will remember one sentence: Why do you feel that you don’t have clothes to wear emilio pucci dress every season? Are we all streaking last year? !
The closet is full of clothes but always feels no clothes to wear;
Buy clothes for two days, wear them or wear them.
Have seen a lot of collocation laws, but their clothes are not a piece;
The IPAD is full of street maps and still does not know what to wear when you go out In the past week, by the opportunity to change the wardrobe for the season, I organized thousands of pictures on the computer ipad (though there are thousands of them! Where is my time?!) Classification, both for their own memorable, but emilio pucci long dress also the way to share to those who always feel like "I have more than one piece of clothes in the closet" of the small partners.
This series is called "Wake up your wardrobe" and it's all about the basic ones and common items that most people have. Personally think that if you can match the basic models and single items, the utilization rate of clothes will be greatly improved.
This must not be a problem for me alone.
According to past habits, my solution is to buy. buy. buy.
However, when I visited a shopping mall, a certain treasure, and emilio pucci top a shopping site, I found that those things that were added to the shopping cart could be found in my closet. Well, actually people have reached a certain age. The things they like are almost the same.
This must not be my personal habit.
After a bitter experience, I made a great decision: Instead of repeatedly buying clothes of similar styles, it is better to try to increase the utilization of existing clothes.